Team Member Feature – Blair T.

Blair has been with Revive for over a year now and he has been a great addition to our Revive Team. We wanted to make a short post to give you a behind the scenes look into more of who Blair is. Thank you for reading!

Blair likes working the charitable component that supports clean drinking water to those who lack access. Blair also likes that Revive is a new and growing business that provides a high level of service with exterior exterior cleaning services.

Blair’s favourite service that Revive provides is power washing of surfaces because of the transformation of the surface. He likes this because it has an artistic component. 

On a personal level, Blair’s dream vacation is to go on a cruise through the Panama canal and to take his granddaughter to Disneyland.

In his free time Blair loves to learn new skills on Youtube. He is also a great support to his wife Mil as he cheers her on in her Boccia Ball tournaments.

In fact, Mil won the national championships this past summer. Read more about that here

Blair has not only serves our clients well,  but he helps train our new team members and also does our equipment repair. We’re very thankful to have Blair on our Revive team!

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