What is Our ‘Why’?


Our Why is what started our company and it’s what keeps our company going. Revive Washing was started in May of 2016 by Dave Moerman with a vision to create a local business that serves affluent homeowners on the West Coast and takes a percentage of each job and donates it to global water projects. We wash homes locally so we can make a difference globally.

The word “Revive” means to “bring life to.” In this way we want to make dirty homes clean by bringing life to them. But deeper than that water brings life and we want to help bring life to those abroad who lack access to clean water.

Here is a short video that embodies our company’s why:

Clean Water:

In 2017, our company sponsored two water projects in Cambodia bringing clean water to 84 people in village in Pursat, Cambodia. We have plans to continue to grow our company so we can sponsor 64 water projects in the next 4 years. Here is a short video of our first water project in Cambodia.

Your ‘Why’ is what keeps you going when times get tough. From meeting payroll, to hiring, to getting enough clients, to solving problems, the issues can sometimes seem endless when running a small business. It’s during these tough times that you can think about quitting, but your ‘Why’ does not allow you to quit. Your ‘Why’ is what keeps you grounded.


We want to achieve our why of bringing life to those abroad by washing homes locally. We offer a full array of exterior cleaning services on your home including – Siding washing, window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and pressure washing.

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