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Meet the Owner

Dave has been in the home service business for 7 years painting hundreds of homes in Surrey and Langley. After building a successful house painting business, Dave sought out to connect with something bigger and more impactful. He wanted to build a business that is systematized and gives back to the community. Revive Washing was built out of Dave’s love for entrepreneurship along with his passion for clean drinking water. 

Dave has been a Hope International supporter for years and has built Revive Washing around this concept. Over the past 2 years, Revive has washed over 200 homes in Langley and Surrey, raising money to build 2 water wells in Pursat, Cambodia. 

On a personal level, Dave loves to read, explore new countries, and drink Pike Place coffee from Starbucks. Dave also raises money for charity:water with his non profit organization, Party4apurpose where he and his friends host events to raise money for clean drinking water.

Meet the Team

Graham B.

Graham has been with Revive for the past 3 years and is our lead technician. When he is not working on site, Graham loves to be lifting weights in the gym. Graham understands people and our clients love to work with him. Graham is meticulous in his work. The client feedback our company receives from Graham is extremely positive. 

Conrad C.

For the past two years, Conrad has been a dedicated member of our team and is extremely hardworking with a positive attitude. Conrad is excellent on ladders and has exceptional attention to detail. Conrad is super smart, and is in part time school working on his dream to one day be an engineer. 




Conor M.

Conor is our Sales Assistant and helps our client's find the perfect washing package for their needs. Conor has years of experience in the home service industry. Conor is ambitious, organized, and loves building new relationships. Outside of work Conor has interests in health and fitness as well as real estate investing.