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5 Services We Do On Homes

We take great pride in washing homes in Langley, Surrey and White Rock. Our Services include:

Power Washing

Power Washing

Depending on the surface being cleaned, power washing is a great way to clean. If you are getting your house ready for painting, a thorough wash of the siding and wood trim is recommended.

If you are not painting and just want a freshening up of your home, we will ensure the siding and trim are dirt and mildew free. We specialize in exterior power washing in Surrey and Langley.

Vinyl Siding Wash

We do NOT use high pressure to wash your vinyl. Using a high pressure washer on vinyl can do damage to your siding. Instead, we use a biodegradable solution (safe for pets and plants) to remove dirt and mildew from your vinyl siding.

We use a soft bristle brush to do the cleaning and then rinse the siding with a low pressure washer. This leaves your vinyl looking shiny, and free from dirt and mildew. We specialize in vinyl house washing in Surrey, Langley, and surrounding areas.

Window Cleaning

When your windows get dirty and dusty, it’s time to get them cleaned. We will wash your windows and they will dry with a nice, clear finish. Our technicians are meticulous to ensure your windows look new again.

We offer exterior window cleaning as well as interior window cleaning, so you don’t have to spend your weekends on a ladder. We service Langley and Surrey with exterior and interior window cleaning.

Gutter Cleaning

In the BC climate with a lot of rain fall, having clean gutters is important for proper water flow. We clean both the interior and exterior of gutters. Leaves, dirt, and grime will be cleaned out of the inside of your gutters. We use our gutter vacuum to ensure all debris is cleaned out of the inside of your gutters.

We will then wash the exterior of the gutters with our biodegradable solution, so your house looks beautiful. We specialize in gutter cleaning in Langley, Surrey and surrounding cities.

Driveway & Patio Cleaning

Dirt and mildew build up on walked on surfaces not only look bad, but can be quite dangerous and slippery in the rainy weather.

With our whirl way cleaner, flat surfaces can be cleaned efficiently, and without the wavy lines of a power washer. We offer driveway and sidewalk cleaning in our pricing packages so your walked on areas can look as good as your clean house.