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Clean Water

Revive Washing exists to make a positive difference locally and globally. On a local level, we do an excellent job washing homeowners homes. On a global level, we build clean drinking water wells by working with Hope International. We have giving right in our business model as for each job we do we donate 3% of every job to go towards the construction of hand dug water wells.

Revive’s owner, David Moerman has been a passion to help solve the water crisis and he and has built Revive Washing around this concept. Over the past 3 years, Revive has washed over 2500 homes in Langley and Surrey, raising funds to build 27 water projects for communities in Pursat, Cambodia.

We continue to provide power washing, window cleaning and gutter cleaning services to homes in Surrey and Langley so that we can bring the gift of clean drinking water to developing countries.

Water Wells in Pursat, Cambodia

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Clean Water

Water changes everything for a community. We want to use Revive Washing to connect resources on the West Coast of Canada with those who do not have basic needs such as clean and safe drinking water.

Here is one of the water projects we supported in 2019 in Pursat, Cambodia. Now this community has a water well on their property and can have access to clean water


If you want to get involved with what we are doing we would love for you to contribute to water projects as well. Please click on this link below to join our cause and give the gift of clean water.