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Meet the Owner

After spending 7 years building a successful house painting business, Dave sought out to connect with something bigger and more impactful. He wanted to build a business that is systematized and gives back to the community. Revive Washing was built out of Dave’s love for entrepreneurship along with his passion for clean drinking water. 

Dave has been a Hope International supporter for years and has built Revive Washing around this concept. Over the past 3 years, Revive has washed over 1100 homes in the Metro Vancouver Area, raising money to sponsor 15 water projects in Pursat, Cambodia and Chano Dorga, Ethiopia. 

On a personal level, Dave loves to spend time with his wife Alexandra, read entrepreneurship books, golf local courses, explore new countries, and drink Pike Place coffee from Starbucks. 

Meet the Team

Austin M.

Austin is our Production Manager and ensures our client’s receive an amazing on-site customer experience. Austin has years of experience in the home service industry as he has experience managing high performing crews. Austin is an expert at building new relationships and has helped our company become the highest and most rated washing company in the Metro Vancouver Area. Outside of work Austin spends his time working out at the gym, taking his dog on walks, and studying the BC real estate market. 

David C.

David is our Office Administrator and works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that our clients receive an extremely high level of service. David is responsible for sending quotes to our clients, and scheduling our crews. He is an organized person and is three classes away from completing his Business degree.

Graham B.

Graham has been with Revive for the past 4 years and is our Lead Technician. Graham has had quite the impact on our clients, as clients will personally request to have Graham’s crew work on their home. When Graham is not working on site, he loves to be lifting weights in the gym. Graham understands people and our clients love to work with him. Graham is meticulous in his work. The client feedback our company receives from Graham is extremely positive. 

Blair T.

Blair knows the ins and outs of power washing, gutter cleaning and window cleaning. He has 15 years of experience in the house washing industry cleaning homes in South Surrey & White Rock.. Blair is an amazing mentor to our younger technicians. Blair brings his positive attitude and high level of dedication when working on your home. As a homeowner himself, he knows exactly what kind of job you are looking for.

Steve S.

Steve has years of experience cleaning windows as well as experience managing a home service business. Steve is great with our clients and brings in many 5 star reviews to our company. 

Conrad C.

For the past three years, Conrad has been a dedicated member of our team and is extremely hardworking with a positive attitude. Conrad is excellent on ladders and has exceptional attention to detail. Conrad is super smart, and is in part time school working on his dream to be an engineer.


Andre L.

Andre (Lebron) is great with our clients and has a sharp eye when it comes to detail. We call him ‘Lebron’ because his strength and athleticism parallels the basketball super star. He is incredibly strong and spends his personal time playing sports and working out in the gym. Our client’s love Andre’s hard working nature as well as his smile

Christophe T.

Christophe has a background in working in construction for the past three years. He knows the ins and outs of  combining customer service with hard work. He assists Conrad on his crew and does top quality work when it comes to washing homes.

John K.

John is one of our Lead Technicians. He has 6+ years experience in the window washing industry. He knows all the tricks of the trade when it comes to window and gutter cleaning. John is extremely friendly and our clients love having his attention to detail with cleaning their windows.

Damian C.

Damian C. is one of our Lead Technicians and has a background in running a successful painting business. Damian knows what it takes to serve clients at a high level. Damian leads his crew doing window and gutter cleaning. Also a fun fact, Damian is twin brother to our Office Administrator David C.