Should You Power Wash Your Home Before Painting?

When preparing to paint your home, there are many things to remember. Scraping and sanding, prime bare areas, find the right colour, etc. When all these things are considered, homeowners are often rushing, and may forget to wash their home before painting gets started. Power washing your home will ensure painting preparation is done sufficiently.

The Importance of Power Washing Before Painting

When a house is covered in dirt, mildew, cobwebs, and other unsightly things, it is crucial to remove these before painting the house. There is a tremendous significance to washing before painting. The new coat will have a better chance of bonding to the undercoat.

Certain areas on a house, such as crevices and peaks, might be hard to reach. These are areas that also should not be neglected. And if only painting the trim of the house, these areas also include the trim, making it hard to reach.

Organisms like mildew, mold, and algae, can grow on the exterior of a home. The best way to eradicate these organisms is with an appropriate, bleach-based solution. An example is the one we use for soft washing. Power washing on the other hand will potentially move the spores to another area. There are certain instances where power washing can be more beneficial compared to soft washing. For a standard house with vinyl siding, soft washing is preferred.


Before you begin painting, make sure you are prepared accordingly, which includes a thorough wash of the home’s exterior. Don’t forget about the hard to reach areas. Avoid causing any damage, especially to wood trim, which can be damaged from the high pressure. Once you have completed the proper painting preparation, then you are ready for painting.

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