Running a Business is Hard

You start a business, the excitement is high, you have momentum, and then things get hard. Things get really hard.

Two common issues when growing home service company include:

  1. Being understaffed (in busy seasons)
  2. Being overstaffed (in slow seasons)

You’re constantly trying to oscillate between having enough work and having enough team members to perform the work. This is not an easy task. 

At Revive Washing, we are working hard to service homeowners with our soft washing, gutter cleaning, roof cleaning, and window cleaning services. Balancing servicing our clients with making sure our crews have enough work is challenging.

We have tools available today to help us run our business. Some technology that we utilize include:

Running a service business is not complicated. The formula is fairly simple. However just because it is simple, does not mean it’s easy. It takes hours and hours of hard work and sacrifice. It is not easy. 

Thank you for reading!


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