Staying Focused in 2020

The turn of the new year into 2020 is an exciting one. I wanted to write a short post on the importance of staying focused in this new year. 

When you are growing your business, it is important to avoid SOS or “shiny object syndrome.” SOS is when you are constantly chasing the next best thing. As entrepreneurs our minds are racing with new ideas and new opportunities. When you have an entrepreneurial brain, you cannot help but spot the next best service or the next greatest opportunity.

Adding a service to your business could be right or it could be wrong. If you continue to start projects or services but fail to improve them then you are setting up for disaster. I have been there myself when I have too many projects on the go and it is not a good feeling. This is what Jim Collins calls, “the undisciplined pursuit of more”

This year in 2020 our plan at Revive is all about improving multiple areas of our business including:

We still want to grow our business this year and I think we will. However the growth is secondary to the above mentioned areas of the business. Sometimes optimizing your business is just as good or better than growing your business.

One last note on the systematizing: If you need a robust CRM to help you organize your business, I would highly suggest Jobber. Revive has been with Jobber for 1.5 years now and we love it. It helps keep our quotes organized, our crews scheduled, and our invoices in order. I could not imagine running a business without it.

I wish you all the best in 2020 as you continue to improve your business!

– Dave Moerman

Revive Washing

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