Power of Technology

Having an all in one CRM is a great investment in your business. For me it has allowed me to monitor the business from anywhere in the world. Right now I am writing this from a hotel in Bangkok, Thailand.

I am able to check in to see how our crews are doing and how much work we are booking all from my laptop using our CRM, Jobber.

We made the decision to go with Jobber as our CRM for a number of reasons including:

  1. Mobile App is easy to use – This is a big one for our techs in the field who want a simple to use system
  2. All in one – Everything from lead to job to scheduling to invoicing, to even payment collection Jobber does it all. Having an all in 1 app to do these many functions is invaluable to your business
  3. Value – The price Jobber charges each month is vastly outweighed by how value the software is to our business. Every member of our business uses Jobber on a daily basis

If you run a service based business, I would highly recommend Jobber. We even have a discount code where you can get 20% off for your first 6 months. Click on this link to get the discount.

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