Why is Moss Bad on Your Roof?

We get so much rain in the Pacific North West, and that is a perfect nesting ground for moss. Moss likes to grow in environments that are damp and shady. The north side of your home is likely to have some form of moss growing on it. In order to care for your home, you should monitor the moss growth on your roof. 

Moss is not good on your roof for 4 main reasons:

At Revive, we specialize in safely and softly removing moss from your home. Here is a video of our crew at work reviving a roof in South Surrey. We use our soft wash system to ensure that the moss is removed softly and safely. 

If you want a free quote for removing moss on your roof, please call our office at 604.398.4040 and we would love to get you a quote. We service homes in South Surrey, White Rock, and Langley, with safe roof moss removal.

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