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Window Washing Surrey

How To Perform An Effective Window Washing In Surrey

Windows can commendably contribute to the beauty of a home and perfectly transform a living space. Glass windows can impeccably add magnificence to a home but when they become dirty, the home will no longer look attractive.

Window washing in Surrey can be much easier and more effective to perform when the right tools are readily available. The techniques involved with washing windows are not as complicated as they seem to be. In fact, the results can be quite astounding. One of such tools is the squeegee amongst others.

Many homeowners in Surrey are not often interested in washing the windows of their houses themselves. However, it is difficult to resist the sense of admiration that is often experienced when maximum clarity is achieved thereby enhancing the urge to enjoy the sunny days around sparkling clean windows.

There are several ways of cleaning windows and achieving the initial sparkle they came with when they were newly installed. Below are some essential tips that provide professional methods on how to ensure effective window washing in Surrey.

Get the right equipment

Window washing in Surrey could be a very interesting thing to do especially when you have got the appropriate tools at your disposal. In order to wash like a pro, it is essential that you make use of a squeegee with good quality. You are absolutely free to purchase different sizes of squeegee especially if you want to make it a reoccurring task. Possessing a set of squeegees in different sizes will help you in achieving squeaky clean windows.

Wash window with a sponge

The dirty nature of a window can be more clearly observed when the sun shines on it. This is when every little nose print and fingerprint, smudge and dust will be revealed. Washing the glass is an effective way to start cleaning your window. However, it is important to note that the desired result can better be obtained with warm soapy water that contains a washing up liquid. Avoid excess suds and chemicals (ammonia, vinegar, and dishwashing detergent) because they can deposit residue and streaks on the window and can affect the surrounding paintwork especially when too much chemical or soap solution is involved.

Wipe clean with a squeegee

When using a squeegee, cleaning can be achieved from a tilted angle of the glass. Ensure that the rubber blade is lightly pressed to about one-inch against the top of the glass. To confirm its efficacy, a dry area will be left across the top of the window which will erase the suds and stop drips from sliding on the clean window. During this process, the blade of the squeegee can be wiped with a damp cloth from time to time. When the blade is dried, it will skip on the dry glass. Continue this process until the window is clean.

Wash windows on a cloudy day

The presence of sunlight will make it easy to see the dirt on the glass, however, it is not proper to clean windows in direct sunlight as it can leave streaks on the glass and make windows dry quickly. So, ensure that the window washing session is observed on a cloudy day.

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Window Washing Surrey