Exterior Window Cleaning

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Our window cleaners specialize in exterior window washing in Langley, Surrey, and White Rock, BC.

Why Wash Your Exterior Windows?

Dirt, dust, and grime will build up on your windows over time. Regular cleaning will ensure the strength of the glass is not compromised and so you can keep enjoying your nice view.

Our Exterior Window Washing Services

We use our extension poles with purified water to wash the exterior of your windows. Not only is this a safer approach, it also does a higher quality job than hand washing. There is no residue left behind as we are working with pure water. When the window cleaning is completed, our technicians will inspect their workmanship with an interior check to ensure your view is 100% shiny!

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Leave your exterior window washing to Revive Washing to clean your windows. This way you can spend more time with your family, doing the things you love. We offer free estimates in exterior window washing in Surrey, Langley, and White Rock.

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